Baroque : Sculptures Européennes Anciennes


25 March - 30 April 2022

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33 Quai Voltaire, Paris, France

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About Baroque : Sculptures Européennes Anciennes

« Baroque: European Sculptures (1600-1750) » constitutes the third and final part of the editorial triptych devoted  to the exploration of European Old Master Sculpture by Galerie Sismann.

After two first events dedicated to the contemplation of Gothic and Renaissance statuary, Gabriela and Mathieu invite you this Spring to discover a new selection of works offering the energy, drama, and exuberance of the Baroque Age.

Heterogeneous and contrasting, this selection of sculptures from the period 1600–1750 evokes the polysemy of the Baroque - a term that sometimes qualifies a period, a style, or a specific relation to form. Further, these selected works arouse an array of emotions in the viewers, inviting them to experience the richness of this fascinating yet controversial art form, acclaimed by collectors and amateurs for its lavishness and plurality.


An exceptional ensemble of Venetian marbles will allow our reader to discover the sensuality and exuberance of Italian art, whereas a few precious boxwood Virgin statuettes, by great masters such as Joahannes Cardon or Walter Pompe, will reveal more tender and intimate works in Flanders. Certain French works, such as a prestigious pair of bronzes from the former Machault d'Arnouville Collection (1701-1797) encapsules the cohabitation of the Baroque ideal and its Classic antagonist within the great European courts. But after all, as Germain Bazin has pointed out so well, “Baroque and classical are not opposed. In the compound of one or the other, there is only more or less reason, more or less dream."


Throughout this journey, viewers will become acquainted with exceptional works by some great artists of the Baroque, including Artus Quellin, Laurent Delvaux, Alessandro Algardi, Francesco Bertos, Giovanni Bonazza, Franscesco Guidi or even Giuseppe Sanmartino. Moreover, they will encounter some of Galerie Sismann’s most recent findings, which have been recognized as major discoveries for the history of European art. These include a splendid modello made by Giulio Coscia for the colonnade of Saint Peter in Rome, a unique enamel composition from the Laudin dynasty made after a masterpiece work by the painter Luca Giordano, and a major addition to the corpus of Nicolaas Van der Veken: a moving group of Saint Joseph and the Child.

Ce voyage à travers l'Europe Baroque sera l'occasion de croiser quelques géants de la sculpture moderne, Artus Quellin, Laurent Delvaux, Alessandro Algardi, Francesco Bertos, Giovanni Bonazza, Franscesco Guidi ou encore Giuseppe Sanmartino ; mais aussi d'approcher quelques découvertes fondamentales pour l'histoire de l'art comme un splendide modello réalisé par Giulio Coscia pour la colonnade de Saint-Pierre de Rome, une composition émaillée unique de la dynastie Laudin, réalisée d'après un chef-d’œuvre du peintre Luca Giordano, ou encore un ajout majeur au corpus de Nicolaas Van der Veken, un émouvant groupe de saint Joseph et l'Enfant.

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