Creations Gabriela Sismann

Gabriela Sismann, from Expertise to Fashion or how to Wear a Work of Art

"WEARABLE ART WORKS" , Antique Goldsmith Treasures and Museum Works of Art Converted Into Modern Adornments

Gabriela Sismann is an art historian specialising in Renaissance sculpture and has been a recognised art dealer for 30 years. She is also a creator of "Wearable Works of Art" for women and men. These unique pieces, chosen with rigour and an acute knowledge of their history, are thus revisited to become genuine contemporary ornaments taking visitors on a journey through the centuries. Gabriela Sismann's touch as a multicultural designer and art historian!

Media & Public Relations 
Anne-Sophie Philippon-Bordet


As in her life, and in general, Gabriela Sismann acts and chooses intuitively and from the heart. For her, neither roadmap nor model! But her attention alway stops on extraordinary objects, in close relationship to History of Art.
Gabriela Sismann’s creations offer a different intimacy with Works of Art: that of wearing them and exhibiting them differently. She decompartmentalizes Art and allows everyone to create a proximity with an art work, and to adorn oneself with it. The jewel thus become a Portable Art Work. These unique pieces rub shoulders in her showroom with works dating from the same period as the basic element of each creation. Indeed, they take their place alongside the sculptures and Works of Art from Galerie Sismann, museum-quality pieces, which arouse the interest of collectors and museums around the world.

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