Chercheurs de Trésors


22 September - 13 October 2023

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Galerie OAK, Place Montoulieu, Toulouse, France

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About Chercheurs de Trésors

You don't become a Treasure Hunter by chance... For this exhibition, Antoine Vignault has chosen to present two atypical artists, with unconventional backgrounds. A renowned historian and art dealer, Gabriela Sismann is also a creator of unique portable works of art of incomparable elegance based on ancient artifacts. Ferrante Ferranti is an architect by training, but for many years it is with his camera that he surveys the most sacred places on the globe in search of its treasures made of stone, life and light, those that only an eye can see. initiate knows how to perceive in order to reveal them to the world. This season, Gabriela unveils her third collection entitled Odyssey, an exceptional selection of which will be presented exclusively at the OAK gallery alongside new prints from the Pierres Sauvages, Pierres Vivantes series by Ferrante Ferranti.

Selected artworks

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Press Enquiries

For press inquiries, high-resolution images of the artworks, or detailed information about the exhibited pieces, please contact Gabriela Sismann at, you can also call her on +33 6 14 31 73 72.

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