Creations Gabriela Sismann

Gabriela Sismann, from Expertise to Creation or how to Wear a Work of Art

Portable Art Works , Antique Goldsmith Treasures and Museum Works of Art Converted Into Modern Adornments

Art historian specializing in Renaissance sculpture, and recognized art dealer more than 25 years, Gabriela Sismann has always collected antique goldsmith treasures. For some time, she began to divert brooches, plates and plates in silver, gold, vermeil and gold, to make jewelry. These unique pieces, chosen with rigor and an acute knowledge of their history, are thus revisited to become true modern ornaments. First imagined for her personal pleasure, Gabriela's creations can now be worn by everyone.

Media Relations : Anne Sophie Philippon-Bordet

NEWS : Press Release
Exposition Unique Pieces
Accompanied by Fred Hubin
June 10th -July 15th 2021
1.000 E - 5.000 E
5.000 E - 10.000 E
10.000 E - 15.000 E
15.000 E - 30.000 E